How Do We Compare

  •                                                             Safeguard/SafeHome                         ADT                                 Vivint 
  • 24 Hr. Monitoring                                               X                                               X                                        X
  • Basic Landline & Rate                                 $25.99                                   $27.99                                  NO
  • Cellular Monitoring                                     $37.99                                   $47.99                              $53.99
  • Remote access Service                               $39.99                                   $52.99                              $53.99
  • Video Package                                                $44.99                                  $57.99                               $62.99
  • 6 Months Free Option                                      X                                              NO                                     NO
  • Background checked                                       X                                               X                                         X 
  • & Certified Advisors
  • Crash & Smash Protection                            X                                              NO                                       X
  • Active RF Jamming                                          X                                              NO                                      NO
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Installation Certificate                                   X                                                X                                         X

What to Consider when choosing Your Security System

There are many threats out there that when you choose a home security system you should know that the system you have will protect you when it matters most. The safety features and reliability of the equipment is by far the most important part of your home security system and unfortunately, not all monitoring providers use or activate some of the most important safety features to protect you from the advanced burglars. 

For example, most customers don't realize that most security systems don't send an alarm signal until 15 seconds after the siren sounds. Meaning that a burglar has the same time upon entry to disable your alarm as you do! This is called a Crash & Smash. If your provider does not offer "Crash & Smash Protection," a burglar can destroy your alarm system before the entry delay is over and your system will never send a signal to the monitoring station!  

Don't get caught up in the "we're the biggest so we're the best" marketing deals out there. That just means they spend more on advertising than anyone else. 

We offer local and Nation Wide coverage with the most reliable and safest systems on the market today. CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT!

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